AquaFuge PRO

The AquaFuge PRO is a sump-based refugium which incorporates a protein skimmer and refugium in one easy to set-up unit.  The protein skimmer maintain safe organic levels while also providing additional oxygenation of any marine system. Refugiums can be used to cultivate food sources such as algae and micro-fauna, while also being used for nutrient export from a marine system.

The AquaFuge™ PRO is designed for use with various mediums including mud, live sand, and live rock.

Lighting options are available.

 AFPROS: AquaFuge PRO, Small: 32" L x 12" W x 14.5" H

Water Capacity
Refugium: 17 Gallons,  
Overall: 24 Gallons
Inlet / outlet -- 1" /3/4"

  AFPROL: AquaFuge PRO, Large: 36" L x 12" W x 16" H

Water Capacity
Refugium: 23 Gallons,  
Overall: 30 Gallons
Inlet / outlet -- 1" /3/4