Bak-Pak Troubleshooting

The Bak-Pak series of skimmers has proven itself to be an efficient and reliable skimmer to hundreds of thousands of aquarists over the years. Rarely we encounter a problem that cannot be fixed with a bit of troubleshooting.

If your Bak-Pak is brand new, please allow 72 hours for the unit to break in before contacting support. As with any new piece of equipment, allowing the tank to normalize itself to the addition is important.

If this guide does not solve your problem, please call us and we will gladly help you out.

Large Air Bubbles

Caused by turbulence when the water enters the tank. 

Effect on tank: Little to no ill effect.

Solution: Raise water level in tank.


Caused by high surface-tension of water. 

Effect on tank: Algae growth.

Solution: Lower salinity in tank to 1.021 - 1.023


Little to no waste Collection in Cup.

Caused by:

  1. Dirty venturi line or powerhead.
  2. Collection Cup Height too high


  1. Clean Powerhead and airline.
  2. Lower collection cup per instructions.