After 25 years of purchasing and using bulkheads by others, we finally decided to produce our own bulkheads.  We incorporated some of better features from others and added some new features.


  • We use virgin ABS for the strength
  • Dome shape flanges.
  • Ridged Silicone Washers for tighter seal. 

Sizes: 1/2"(BH050), 3/4" (BH075), 1"(BH100), 1-1/4" (BH125) 1-1/2"(BH150), 2"(BH200)

Variations: Slip x Slip (SS), Slip x Thread (ST), Thread x Slip (TS) Thread x Thread (TT)  

Short Stem:  We have short  stem (The stem length: 1.5")  with Slip x Slip bulkheads in 1-1/2" (BH150SRT) and 2" (BH200SRT).  

Product code:  Size then variation.  1" Slip x Thread would be BH100ST

US plumbing (include bulkhead) sizes are Nominal Size, not Actual Size.