Now with updated grate design and 20% greater flow.

The CITR In-Tank Refugiums are "safe houses" that provide a protected area to help newly added fish or
invertebrates easily acclimate to a new tank while also providing a place for injured fish or corals to regenerate damaged tissue without the need for a separate quarantine tank.

The CITRs also function as a culturing area for small organisms that are intended to be provided as a
food source for the inhabitants of the main portion
of the tank.  The versatility and easy use of the CITRs make them a valuable addition to every aquarist's tank

The CITR3 and the CITR3 PRO both have slots cut out of the side, so that depending on circulation around the unit, a pump may not be required.

CITR has clear back and is attached to the Aquarius with heavy duty suction cups. CITR is available with (DX model) or with out pump.

CITR PRO has black back and is attached to the Aquarium with an adjustable bracket. CITR PRO is available with (DX model) or with out pump.

7.25” L x 4” W x 7.125” H (same for both the CITR2 & CITRPRO)

11.5” L x 5.5” W x 7.5” H (same for both the CITR3 & CITR3PRO)

CITR 3 Instruction

CITR3 Pro Instruction