The MRT2 Mini-Reef aquarium is a simple way to set up a sleek looking mini reef in your home or office. The removeable venturi and biological filter, is able to remove waste from the tank quickly and efficiently. The protein skimmer that is utilized on the system is designed for a tank several times the size of the MRT2. 

16Gallon tank (not including sump area);

  • Black background
  • Built-in sump for other tank equipment like a heater or a bag of carbon
  • Removeable venturi driven protein skimmer (rated up to 60G)
  • Includes return pump
  • Includes black acrylic canopy
  • Lighting options available
  • 16"L x 17.5"W x 14"H - 20"H w/canopy

Available lighting: 27 watt retrofit kit using a 50/50, Daylight/Actinic quad lamp. Option to include two 27 watt retrofit kits also available.