OptiView Aquarium

The OptiView aquarium is a unique design like no other. The angled front viewing panel gives hobbyists a different way to view its inhabitants and is a great way to set up a sleek looking mini reef in your home or office. The venturi skimmer that is utilized on the system is designed for a tank several times the size of the OptiView. This helps ensure the removal of the organic waste in the aquarium and makes it easy to maintain a gorgeous looking display tank.

  • 11G tank (not including sump area); black background
  • Built-in sump for other tank equipment like a heater or a bag of carbon
  • Removeable venturi driven protein skimmer (rated up to 60G)
  • Includes return pump
  • Fits 16.5"L lighting fixtures like Current USA's Sunpod1058 (pictured) and the JBJ Clamp-Light

Dimensions: 16.25"L x 16.5"W x 16"H (w/out lighting