Smart Feeder

The Smart Feeder is a unique and practical feeding tool that makes feeding fish easier, more effective for the fish and cleaner for the filtration system.  The Smart Feeder can be used in both Fresh and saltwater aquariums with any type of fish food- even frozen food!  With the Smart feeder you can get food down to the less competitive eaters such as blennies and seahorses.


  • For use with all types of food - Pellet, flake, powder or frozen
  • Easy installation - Attaches to aquarium's vertical wall (< 1.5" wide) or horizontal braces (< 0.5" thick)
  • Adjustable feeding depth - Choose between three depths - up to 18.5"
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums - Good for any aquarium
  •  Unobtrusive appearance in the tank


  • Waste less food - Confine food and prevent it from prematurly going into the filtration system
  •  Reduce aquarium maintenance - Prevent filtration systems from quickly getting clogged
  •  Improve food distribution - Easily feed slower, less aggressive eaters, especially bottom-dwellers and seahorses
  • Time-release feeding - Thawing frozen food and slowly dropping pellets help spread out feeding periods  
  •  Complementary accessory for automatic feeders - Helps even if you're not there